Road Trip

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Road Trip

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus said, “Follow Me.”  “Follow” means to pursue the one in front of you.  But later in John 15:26, Jesus said he would send us the Helper, the Spirit of Truth once he ascended to the Father.  The name “Helper” is translated from the Greek word “Paracletos” which means “one called alongside to help”.  Here’s a poem about my sidecar travels with God.


Road Trip

You always take me out of my comfort zone.
Do I take you out of yours?
I feel like you write
“Problem Child” on my report card
and let the angels see it
who are assigned to the war zone
that’s my life.
I want to please you, then I don’t
and have to apologize later.
I read that you accept me as I am,
forgive and forget, etc.
What’s up with that?
Are you sure? Are you safe?
How do I know for real?

Yes, I read the story of David
and Peter and sweet little Samuel.
So? That’s them, not me.
They made it in the Book.
Goody for them.
Gold stars on the refrigerator.

I vacillate wildly
between trust and despair
and keeping out of your hair
(do you have hair?).
And here you go again,
asking me to follow you.
I haven’t exactly been an angel lately.
I’m not at my best, and you know that, but…

You’re going to butt in, aren’t you.
Sometimes I can predict you,
but mostly not.
Alright, if you really want me that badly,
here I am with my imperfections,
jumping into the sidecar again.


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I never have found a box that fits me, so I follow Jesus into the wild. My husband, Bud, and I are two life-long hippies, parents of four grown children, and live in Bartlett, TN, with six cats, two dogs, and no TV. I am a voracious reader and am passionate about prison ministry. I am also an advocate for middle-aged and senior women, and anyone who suffers from depression.

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