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How To Know We’re Hearing From God: Part 4

This is the fourth of a four part series on How To Know We’re Hearing From God.

As a child I was taught that pastors are divine messengers from God. My church said when God calls a man to preach he suddenly has a direct line to the Almighty, Who explains the Bible to him, then he tells the flock what God said. What I wasn’t taught is we all have a direct line to God. God wants to talk with

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Led Into the Wilderness to…Live, Part 1

After a year of prolific writing and the exhilarating experience of being vaulted into Amazon and Barnes & with my first book, the well went dry. All the excitement faded, and so did my ability to write. I felt like someone who experiences the tremendous outpouring of love and attention when the passing of their beloved leaves them bereft, then gradually everyone goes home, leaving only the presence of pain. Welcome to the wilderness, where solace doesn’t live and …

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Led Into the Wilderness to…Live, Part 2

Nebuchadnezzar had just captured and destroyed Jerusalem, taking all but the poorest people away into exile to Babylon. Jeremiah had been faithfully warning his fellow Israelites for years that they would suffer devastating consequences if they didn’t repent and return to the Lord, but they wouldn’t listen. They deserved their punishment; he didn’t. “Saint Jeremiah” had done nothing to deserve this emotional agony and destitution.

Really? God said. Try looking at your own sins, shortcomings, character defects. Jeremiah didn’t have a …

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Led Into the Wilderness to…Live, Part 3

God showed up and said it was time we had a talk. Here is our conversation:

Treasures in the Dark

The darkness is thin on good days,
a vaporous black veiling my vision
needing only the breath of God to move it,
but there is no God
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Fallible Commitment Is Perfect With God

I frequently write for Provoketive Magazine, an on-line publication designed to engage authors and readers in conversation.  Here is an excerpt from my most recent post.  I encourage you to read it, then leave a comment.

Because there is at least one sin that trips us up on a regular basis, we tend to think God is disappointed in us.  I know at times when I’ve been giving into a particular sin on a regular basis, I’ve thought of starting the …



One For The One

Does it really matter what we do in the world?  I mean, what difference can one person make?  What if the only reason we are on the planet is to help one other person?  Think about someone who made a significant difference in your life….

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Worthy of Restoration

Ray Carroll and I met on-line in 2011 through our publisher, Civitas Press.  He asked me to be a feedback reader for his new book, Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World. Ray used to preach about grace before he lost his position as a pastor due to adultery….  Continue Reading.

Locked In, But Not Locked Out

I work as a volunteer at Mark Luttrell Correctional Center, a state penitentiary for women in Memphis, TN.  One of my favorite opportunities to serve is with Grace Place Ministries, a United Methodist congregation planted in the prison. Grace Place Ministries empowers incarcerated women to become disciples of Jesus Christ and experience what it means to be a part of the Body of Christ not only through worship, but service to people in the free world.

Here are women with almost …


In Matthew 4:19, Jesus said, “Follow Me.” “Follow” means to pursue the one in front of you. But later in John 15:26, Jesus said he would send us the Helper, the Spirit of Truth once he ascended to the Father. The name “Helper” is translated from the Greek word “Paracletos” which means “one called alongside to help”. Here’s a poem about my sidecar travels with God.

Road Trip


The Gospel According to Mary, Jesus’ Mom

Most Christians focus on every word and incident in Jesus’ life as recorded in the four Gospels.  But I’m also drawn to the people involved.  How did they relate to Jesus?  What was their story?

Being the mother of three children, there is an event in the Bible I totally understand from Mary’s point of view.  She was Jesus’ mom and caught him teaching the religious teachers in the Temple in Jerusalem at the age of 12 after he had been …


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