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I first met John Martinez on Facebook, having discovered we share the same publisher: Civitas Press.  We are both part of a nation-wide community of faith called Outlaw Preachers – an eclectic tribe of Jesus-followers on the fringe of the “norm”.  I welcome John as my first guest blogger.  Joy

Guest Blog by John Martinez

My Heart-Song: Dog and Butterfly

So there I was at the Outlaw Preacher’s (Re)Union 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee just minding my own business when this beautiful woman approached me and reached out to me with a hug. Of course being the kind of guy … Continue Reading →

Interview With Jake Kampe, Contributor to Not Alone

I had the privilege this year of being a contributing author to Not Alone: Stories of Living With Depression, written by people who have suffered from depression.  We have openly shared our stories so that other people with depression will know that they are not alone in their pain.

I’ve had clinical depression all my life, and know the pain and isolation it causes.  I know the shame of crying uncontrollably in public for no apparent reason, panic attacks, fear of …

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Photo by Joe Cunningham

Guest Blog by Travis Mamone


Maybe it was a long time coming after all. We’ve certainly had our share of arguments and disagreements during the past eleven years of our relationship. But my philosophy is if you don’t talk to God about your frustrations with Him, then they don’t exist. And for about eleven years my plan worked out, until that one day.

You see, some times God seems so real to me it feels like its too much for me to take …
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Worthy of Restoration

Ray Carroll and I met on-line in 2011 through our publisher, Civitas Press.  He asked me to be a feedback reader for his new book, Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World. Ray used to preach about grace before he lost his position as a pastor due to adultery….  Continue Reading.