Joy Wilson, Wife, Mother, Author, Wrestler with God...

Joy’s first book, Uncensored Prayer: The Spiritual Practice of Wrestling With God. Available on 

Uncensored Prayer: The Spiritual Practice of Wrestling With God Workshop

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Are you searching for something deeper in your prayer life? This course is about the spiritual practice of discussing everything with God … For more information about the workshop or how to register, Click Here

Joy is also a contributer to Provoketive Magazine…

Sublime and profane! How dare she say such things to God?  How dare she not.Dr. Steve Stone, Senior Pastor, Heartsong Church

Honest and freeing, Uncensored Prayer resonates deep within the soul, teaching us (the creation) to deeply connect with our Creator. Phil Shepherd, Eucastrophe, Fort Worth

A beautiful mix of raw, authentic prayers,personal reflections, and scripture, Uncensored Prayer is an invitation to engage with God in a deep, meaningful, and sometimes unfamiliar way. –Kathy Escobar, author of Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus

Joy Wilson has given us a wonderfully simple, deeply profound, straight from the heart guide for being in conversation with God that is transformational..–Dianne Harrison, Pastor, Grace Place Ministries in a state penitentiary for female felons.